We offer Premium glass bottles and high-end Printing Services such as multi-color printing, metallic effects, embossing with high definition and perfect registration. Thanks to our innovative and decoration solutions you can increase the visual impact of your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition and attract consumers.

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Almost infinite possibilities of creation, perfect registration between colors, metallic finish and embossing effects. Foils are designed to replicate the look of precious metals most commonly gold, silver and copper (although others are available). they are designed to replicate their look and feel, in particular the way they react to and reflect light. Foils give your print job a really dazzling look.


Luxurious appearance and an exceptional brilliance for your luxury and premium brand. It produces a strong value-added to the bottle. It is available in gold, platinum or metallic colors.


Screen printed bottles is a process by which ink is applied directly to the surface of a bottle and cured through a lehr. We can wrap 360 degrees around the bottle and push design limitations experienced with traditional paper labeling. Advantages

  • Permanent adhesion
  • Bottles ready to fill during the bottling
  • No bubbling, wrinkling or torn label corners
  • Scuff proof and waterproof
  • 360° design surface


The perfect print to decorate bottles or decanters with complex shapes, uneven and limited surface area. Many colors are available and a great combination with acid etching, color coating and metallization.


Decoration with authentic metalized mirror effect and a very shiny aspect. The bottle can be fully or partly metallized according to your specific requirement.


This process is perfectly engraved with precise relief and depth onto the mold. A powerful way for a brand to leave its imprint in the glass, and can be economical in terms of development fees. A real solution for Wine & Spirits brands who want to appropriate a bottle and sublimate their product.


The Acid Etching process offers different effects: Frosted - Silky feel - Uniform aspect. All are Durable and qualitative. Great combination with screen printing, decal, foil printing and hot stamping for a unique look.


The last stage of decoration of a bottle or a decanter. An accessory can help reach the highest level of sophistication. The bottle-neck is a great resource for high-end spirit brands to stand out from the crowd and create a powerful visual impact.